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"Raven has come." [Jun. 23rd, 2005|06:52 pm]
[mood |hyperDodger, my love!]
[music |Who Will Buy-Oliver!]

After reading Jessye's update about musicals and Phantom I just couldn't resist puttin on some "All I Ask of You," (Let's just call it AIAoY) and basically expressing my love for it. Oh sigh. Which reminds me that next year we're doing Oz. How'd you guys feel about it?

OH RAOUL! Sorry, I just love him. Yeah so school's out. For summer. And next week I'm gonna have to wake up at like 8, and that just sucks, BUT I will be acting like: a crazy girl who can't stop dancin, a crazy wife, a crazy short-long runner (?), a crazy alligator, a crazy and alliterated girl, and of course a crazy Russian brat who gets frozen. Children's Theater, here I come.

Oh man, is it just me or did Peter Pan just come on? It did. Yes it did. I GOTTA CROW!

A musical party must happen in the near future. And we might have to dress up for it. (and when I say "might have to," I mean "can we pleaseeeee")

OH and before I forget, my life was completed when I found out that the guy who plays Zack on the OC was in "Newsies." It made me love him so much more. Because basically, Newsies is the best thing ever created. "Since when did you become me mudda?"

[User Picture]From: chilly_pepper
2005-06-23 11:44 pm (UTC)
OH MY GOD I KNEW ZACK LOOKED FAMILIAR!!!! Who was he in Newsies?? aaaah I looooove Newsies!!!!!
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[User Picture]From: halthebobosoup
2005-06-25 05:30 am (UTC)

A pair of new shoes...

I think he was just a dancer. I read it in a magazine. ;-)
So do I, my friend. So do I.
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