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Sketchy. [May. 14th, 2005|03:48 pm]
[mood |chipperI <3 sun!]
[music |ted leo...tonight!]

So, this has happening often recently...

I will be sitting on the computer or the couch when I hear a mechanical meowing. It happens every night. I realized, of course, that it was probably a toy cat, and Izzy informed me today that it was, in fact, a stuffed cat that meows, but it was still creepy. I'm just wondering who is squeezing a stuffed cat at midnight every night.

In other news...

Drama Club's Night of Scenes and Monologues!
Tuesday May 17. 6:30, I beleive. NHS Little Theater...and it's free!

Please come, guys! I'm doing a monologue and have put my opinions in for another play...I think I might be very close to being hit over the head by the director because of it actually.

I'm out, witches and tarts. (The British term for ho, I have just been told.)